Dedicated funds - AgioFunds


AgioFunds TFI SA is one of the major players among the providers of dedicated funds, which are “tailor-made” investment funds. Due to the diverse demands and expectations of investors these types of funds are treated as separate solutions tailored to a particular investor or group of investors, to efficiently and optimally fulfill the investment objectives. In this area, we design and launch  closed-end investment fund of non-public assets (FIZAN), which is the investment fund designed for the particular investor and also we actively manage closed-end funds (FIZ).

Through flexible investment policy closed-end investment fund provides investors with greater opportunities to diversify their investments. It is an alternative to the unprofitable situation on the capital market; it provides the Investor with anonymity, but also with a control of SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) and concurrently with tax optimization.

We cooperate with many verified external entities on the valuation of companies, tax consultancy and legal advice, we also create the portfolio structure consisting of foreign SPVs.  An experienced team of competent specialists ensures an efficient establishment and operation of such a fund. This is confirmed by a rapidly growing number of closed-end investment funds of non-public assets (FIZAN) administered and managed by AgioFunds TFI SA. So far, we have created 49 closed-end funds, including 42 dedicated funds.

If you decided to cooperate with AgioFunds TFI SA, the next step would be to sign a cooperation agreement and to agree on the content of the statute fund, after prior specification of investment objective, the method and terms of payment of investment certificates.